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Victorian Trading Cards – What You Need to Know

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Advertising today can be accomplished through so many different means. You can make videos, print flyers, or use social media. Every day we come across multiple ads, so many that we might not even realize it!  But did you know that in the Victorian era, advertising was limited? They didn’t have the luxury of using social [...]

A Shadowbox of Ephemera

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Are your drawers and cupboards filled with what others would call junk? Maybe they have been filled up with past birthday cards and wedding announcements? Or postcards and letters? Whatever it is that is causing your cupboards and drawers to burst, it isn't just junk to you! These ephemera items are more than printed words on [...]

4 Steps to Selling Your Ephemera

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Are you interested in selling some of your ephemera? Maybe your collection has become quite large? It might be time to sell some of that ephemera! Being that there is a large number of people that are trying to find ephemera to put in their junk journals, display, and collect, it’s almost a guarantee that you [...]

8 Unique Crafts Using Postage Stamps

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Photo Credit Etsy Shop CrowBiz 1. Glass Magnets This could be a fun way to turn your stamp collection into some practical items you can use every day! This is a fairly easy project including flat glass marbles, scissors, mod podge, super glue, your postage stamps, and little magnets! I found these postage stamp [...]

Valentine’s Day and Ephemera

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Valentine’s Day and Ephemera It’s a common practice to give Valentine’s Day cards to your loved ones on February 14. These items of printed ephemera are often embellished with glitter, hearts, and sappy love notes. To convey our feelings of deep appreciation and admiration for our friends and family, as tradition goes, we begin to pass [...]

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Collecting Ephemera

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6 Reasons Why You Should Start Collecting Ephemera   Now that you have a knowledge of what ephemera is, you might be wondering why you should be interested in collecting it! As we’ve previously learned, ephemera can range from vintage recipes to ticket stubs. If you’re curious about what ephemera is, visit So You Want to Know [...]

Stamp Collecting – What You Need to Know

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  Stamp Collecting - What You Need to Know Stamps are considered ephemera and often go unnoticed. People might view them as a thing of the past - after all, email is much faster! We receive letters in the mail and without giving a second thought, we toss the envelope in the garbage. This can be [...]

Searching High and Low for Ephemera

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In this article, I answer WHERE you can find vintage ephemera to start your collection. I will take you through a step-by-step process to help you with this tedious endeavor you are about to take on. We will start out by reviewing the basics followed by places where you can find and collect vintage memorabilia. Where can [...]

How Should I Store Ephemera?

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You’ve begun your journey into the world of ephemera. Congratulations! Now you may be wondering how best to store and preserve these artifacts. We’re here to help! Before answering how you can store ephemera, it’s important to know why the proper technique of storing plays such a vital role in the preservation of any vintage piece [...]