Victorian Trading Cards – What You Need to Know

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Advertising today can be accomplished through so many different means. You can make videos, print flyers, or use social media. Every day we come across multiple ads, so many that we might not even realize it!  But did you know that in the Victorian era, advertising was limited? They didn’t have the luxury of using social [...]

A Complete List of Ephemera Examples

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When it comes to defining ephemera, the easiest way to go about it is by giving examples! I’ve compiled a list of over 50 examples of printed ephemera. Feel free to comment below if there is another piece of ephemera I’m missing and I’ll be sure to add it to the list. Check out So You [...]

Valentine’s Day and Ephemera

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Valentine’s Day and Ephemera It’s a common practice to give Valentine’s Day cards to your loved ones on February 14. These items of printed ephemera are often embellished with glitter, hearts, and sappy love notes. To convey our feelings of deep appreciation and admiration for our friends and family, as tradition goes, we begin to pass [...]

Race Bib Ephemera Collection

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Over the years I’ve been collecting race bibs from various races I’ve participated in. Now, you most likely won’t find a collection of race bibs at an ephemera show or museum. But they’re among some of my most cherished ephemera pieces. This article isn’t just for people who race. Rather, it's to show how even mundane [...]

Stamp Collecting – What You Need to Know

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  Stamp Collecting - What You Need to Know Stamps are considered ephemera and often go unnoticed. People might view them as a thing of the past - after all, email is much faster! We receive letters in the mail and without giving a second thought, we toss the envelope in the garbage. This can be [...]

Postcard Collecting- What You Need to Know

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If you’ve ever stumbled upon vintage postcards then I’m sure you’ve noticed the unique designs and attention to detail each individual piece portrays. Getting your hands on your own valuable postcards takes time and patience, but can be a great way to expand your personal ephemera collection. To find out more about the history of postcards, [...]