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    A Complete List of Ephemera Examples

    When it comes to defining ephemera, the easiest way to go about it is by giving examples! I’ve compiled a list of over 50 examples of printed ephemera. Feel free to comment below if there is another piece of ephemera I’m missing and I’ll be sure to add it to the list. Check out So You Want to Know More About Ephemera to get a more thorough understanding of this hobby. Simply put, ephemera is [...]

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    Top 4 Best Ephemera Events

    Whether you’re an avid ephemera collector, or just dipping your toe into this exciting hobby, one of the BEST ways to start collecting ephemera is at an actual show or event. But, how can you find an event that’s worthwhile, has good ephemera, and near you? Keep reading to find out! As a beginner collector myself, I learned a ton from my first paper show which you can read all about HERE. Was it the [...]

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    5 Techniques to Make Paper More Vintage

    When it comes to crafting with paper, many people turn to ephemera because of the unique vintage look it often has. This antique look comes because the ephemera has been held onto over the years and transforms with the test of time. However, not all ephemera has been weathered over time to give it that antique look. So what do you do when you want that perfect vintage ephemera? Luckily, with some simple techniques, you [...]

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    Online Auction Tips for Purchasing Ephemera

    Online bidding is an exciting process which often leads to the purchase of valuable items. Ephemera auctions are happening constantly and with a couple of tips, you’ll be well on your way to winning your first one! Be sure to read to the end so you know just how online auctions work and how to bid. Online Auctions Sometimes it’s not always feasible to meet up in person when buying vintage ephemera. Though this is [...]

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